Royal Canin Cat Sensory Variety Pack (12 pouches x 85g)

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SENSORY™: More than just a meal, an experience for cats

Have you ever wondered how your cat experiences the world? A cat’s senses are their gateway to the world. How those senses are stimulated ultimately determines how your cat feels. That means, mealtime and nutrition are important for their overall health. Keep reading to learn how you can offer your cat a better sensory experience and help to improve their well-being every day.


Each box of Sensory Multipack includes 3 varieties of wet pouches to provide a full sensorial experience as follow:

1. Sensory Feel (Morsels in Gravy) wet pouch – 4 packs

2. Sensory Smell (Chunks with Gravy) wet pouch – 4 packs

3. Sensory Taste (Chunks with Gravy) wet pouch – 4 packs


The different sensorial experiences these wet pouches will bring to a cat include:

1. Feel – Stimulating the cat’s sense of mouthfeel

2. Smell – Stimulating the cat’s olfactory sense

3. Taste – Stimulating the cat’s sense of taste


This new range of Sensory wet pouches is perfect for mix feeding with all Royal Canin’s feline dry range.


Mix it up! Make Sensory™ part of your mixed feeding routine

Why is a Mixed Feeding routine key for your cat’s health? For starters, cats tend to prefer wet food which better stimulates their sense of smell and boosts their appetite. Wet food also offers other health advantages such as hydration, urinary system support, less calories, and greater comfort for cats with oral sensitivities. Still, dry food presents important advantages too, like preserving oral health by reducing dental plaque. Dry food can also remain in a bowl or a feeding toy without spoiling, allowing your cat to have continuous access to food throughout the day. A mix of both wet food and dry food therefore allows for the kind of variety that will keep your cat a healthy, enriched eater.


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