Chérie, Unscented Clumping Natural Wood Cat Litter (10L/4.3kg)

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Chérie cat litter is a more environmental friendly solution for your cat litter needs. It is made with 100% virgin timber with clumping function from sustainable managed forest. We believe every step that we make by using a sustainable product can help our environment and the world we share with our cats. You can feel good using Chérie cat litter as you are taking a small step towards the good health of your cat, a cleaner home and a greener environment.

5 Unique Points

1. Clumping – Lock odour & bacteria

2. Simple Disposal – One Clump at a time

3. PEFC Certified – 100% virgin timber from managed forests

4. Economical – Only dispose clumped balls. 10L can be used for 6 weeks

5. Superior Quality – Made in Germany



Chérie wood litter is a much healthier alternative for both cats and their owners. The clumping cat litter is dust-free in nature. This will reduce the chance of dust-related allergy flare-ups in cats or the humans at home. Chérie litter is a wood product and it does not contain any chemicals.



Chérie wood based cat litter can store upto 4 times their own weight in liquid, which is a key element of any effective cat litter. This means you’ll use less, and shop less. Better absorbency also helps eliminate litter box odour more quickly.



The smell from the wood cat litter makes you feel like you are in a forest. The litter is highly effective at locking in moisture & controlling odour, which makes it perfect for enclosed spaces.



Chérie clumping cat litter is irregularly shaped but with ROUND edges. This is more comfortable to step on and will not stick to the cat's paws. This means the cat can't bring the pellets out of the litter box.



Wait until litter clumps are dried, scoop up clumps to throw away. If you dispose clumps via toilet bowl, please remember to only dispose one clump at a time. 



Being made from wood, Chérie clumping cat litter is 100% biodegradable, which means it can be disposed in your compost or part of your household waste.


Easy switching from old litter to Chérie




Provide a suitable litter tray large enough for your cat to use comfortably. Cover the base of the litter tray with at least 3” (8 cm).


Inspect tray daily removing any solids and disposing of clumps in trash or toilet. Refill tray as necessary.


Completely change the litter and wash the tray once a month or as needed.




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