Epidermis Prime Essentials Deep Cleansing Pet Shampoo (500ml/5L)

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Epidermis Prime focuses on animal wellness and skin health. Responsible care is taken in the  formulation and development of the products to ensure quality, safety and efficacy. The EP  Pharma range of grooming products is developed especially for compromised skin  conditions. The proprietary formula of this anti-bacterial shampoo contains essential oil  blends, botanical and mineral extracts to combat recurring skin issues, soothe and protect  your dog’s skin health. The active ingredients of this product are safe to be used on both  human and animals. This product contains human grade ingredients and has no paraben,  sulphate, colorants, petroleum or alcohol.  


The active ingredients with holistic essential oil blend in this proprietary formula combats persistent and recurring skin issues like rashes, hotspot, dandruff and dermatitis, aggravated  by excessive licking and chewing behaviors. Targeting inflamed, sore, crusty or weeping skin  conditions, this skin health shampoo has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrheic  and anti-itching effects for dogs prone to skin dis-ease. 


Promotes and maintains skin health of dogs 

Soothes inflammation and itchy red rashes and spots 

Targets dry flaky skin and dandruff problems 

Balances skin pH of seborrheic, dry and crusty skin conditions 

Natural deodorant and insect repellent  

pH friendly for pets and contains NO parabens, colorant or harmful chemicals 

Direction of Use 

Shake well before use. Lather shampoo on dog’s coat and rub gently into skin.  Leave shampoo on for 5 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. Towel dry and blow dry with cool  air if needed. 


Active Ingredients 

Ichthammol – (Ichthyol®) 

Ichthammol is an ammonium salt of dark sulfonated shale oil (bituminous schists)  produced via distillation of the oil followed by sulfonation and neutralization. It is of  natural origin. Ichthammol has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and fungicidal properties.  It decreases microorganisms in the area surrounding a skin condition It is used to treat  eczema, psoriasis, acne rosacea and acne. Epidermis Prime EP Pharma Shampoo only uses  the certified trademarked Ichthammol - Ichthyol® in its formulation. The Committee for  Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) has announced that due to good tolerance  and safety, there is no need to establish an MRL for ichthyol-substances. As a result,  ichthyol-substances can be applied topically in all mammalian species without restriction. 

D-Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) 

D-Panthenol is a substance derived from vitamin B5, which is also known as pantothenic  acid. D-Panthenol has the properties to reduce itching, redness and suppress inflammation. It also has moisture retaining and softening effects on sensitive dry skin as  well as for coat and fur conditioning.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend: 

- Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) 

Trea tree oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree native to  Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Tea tree oil contains a number of compounds,  including terpinen-4-ol, that have been shown to kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. These  germ-fighting properties make tea tree oil a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial and  fungal skin conditions, preventing infection and promoting healing. 

- Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Oil) 

Used in aromatherapy, rosemary helps reduce stress levels and nervous tension, boost mental  activity, encourage clarity and insight. In pet aromatherapy, its anti-microbial, antiseptic,  astringent, antioxidant, and tonic properties help to soothe and treat dry or oily skin, eczema,  inflammation, and acne. It is also a good natural flea and tick repellent and natural deodorant  to eliminate unpleasant odour. 

- Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil) 

Peppermint oil is a natural antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic oil. It has excellent anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties. Used by cultures all over the world for  its powerful medicinal properties, modern research today attributes these qualities to  menthone, menthyl esters, and most importantly to the active compound, menthol, which is  found in high concentrations in peppermint oil.  

- Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender Oil) 

Lavender oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils in aromatherapy. It is  popular for its anti-histamine, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender oil is  frequently recommended in cases of allergies, contact dermatitis and bug bites to help soothe  irritated skin and itch.  

- Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalytus Oil) 

Eucalyptus oil is popular to ease respiratory conditionsincluding nasal congestion and asthma.  Besides its anti-microbial properties, Eucalyptus oil is helpful in soothing arthritis aches and  the refreshing scent of the oil is a natural insect repellent, including flea and tick.  


There is no report of contra-indication on the usage of this product. 

It is safe on all breeds of dogs and human. Not recommended for cats due to essential oil components in the product. 

*Cautions on usage of pure and undiluted essential oil are required. 100% pure essential oil contains nature’s potent compounds that can be holistic and healing, when blended or diluted on the right ratio with an appropriate carrier or base. We do not encourage neat, topical application or ingestion of essential oil, without professional advice. For pregnant or  lactation animals, we advise to stay away from usage of pure essential oil unless the oil is a part of the product’s formula.

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