Gentle Pup Dog Maxi Harness - Cornflower (3 sizes)

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Time for supersized fun. The Gentle Pup Maxi Harness features a Y-shape design that simulates a leash-free experience for big boys and girls. Its innovative construct disperses pressure over your pup’s body, which reduces strain on neck and back while enabling unrestricted movement and play.

With 4 adjustable points, the same secure buckle as our tried-and-tested collars and Easy Harness, plus a front and back ring for leash-training and easy attachment—you can now enjoy both worry-free strolls and the occasional dog run bolt.

A safer way for your pup to live his best life 

Did you know? Constant leash-pulling can increase the chances for neck/trachea injuries, particularly for brachycephalic breeds. Avoid issues like constricted vessels and increased blood pressure in your dog’s neck, which can lead to heightened intraocular pressure (IOP). Select the right harness and eliminate both daily discomfort and irreversible damage.

Find your dog’s perfect fit with our Easy Harness for smaller builds, or the Maxi Harness for medium to large-sized dogs.

Comes in 3 sizes - Small, Medium, Large.

Introducing the Lite collection. With fun colour combos that match any coat, this is one minimalist range that’s here to steal hearts in a big way. Featuring the same reliable comfort you already love and trust, you’ll find yourself reaching for these go-to staples over and over again. Until you reach for another shade, of course.


Love our beautiful prints? They are meticulously achieved using innovative heat transfer technology, a process that digitally prints high-resolution images onto a fabric with seamless accuracy. This ensures your favourite patterns and colours really pop!

Stay worry-free. The heat transfer process is completely safe for dogs, with no irritation or itching.

Our prints withstand even the most rigorous play. No cracking or fading—so you stay fashionable even when your dog gets down and dirty. 

With superb colour quality and fun prints, you’re completely spoilt for choice when it comes to picking just one. Don’t limit yourself—get a style for every occasion!

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