Loveabowl Canned Food - Random Flavour (FREE GIFT w/ Purchase)

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Available in 14 random flavours - chicken and tuna series. 

- Chicken

- Chicken with Salmon

- Chicken with Barramundi

- Chicken with Quail Egg

- Chicken with Red Snapper

- Chicken with Shirasu

- Chicken with Mussel

- Tuna

- Tuna with Salmon

- Tuna with Barramundi

- Tuna with Quail Egg

- Tuna with Red Snapper

- Tuna with Shirasu

- Tuna with Mussel


Key Features: 

  • Grain-free 
  • No carrageenan 
  • No thickening agent 
  • Fortified with Taurine & Added Vitamin E 
  • Chicken is great choice for fussy eaters 

Feeding Guidelines: The amount fed can be adjusted according to your cat's activity level. Feed  your cat by dividing all daily meals into 2 or more servings and ensure fresh clean water is  available at all times. 

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